Cemtrex provides the best service in the industry with all our products including:istock_000000433766xsmall.jpg

  • Professional Engineering resulting in Proprietary Monitoring Solutions with Proven Performance and Minimal Support Requirements
  • Extensive Engineering Experience, providing Environmental Technology Solutions to Fortune 500 industries and companies.
  • Individualized Custom Design, addressing Monitoring and Reporting Requirements & Challenges in Specific Industrial Environments
  • Reduced Acquisition and Ownership Cost as a result of Optimization and Innovation
  • Un-compromised Quality, Durability and Reliability of Measurement Results
  • Highly skilled CEMS Professionals performing Fast, Responsive Installation, Maintenance and Emergency Services and Certification Support
  • On-site and Factory Training for your Operations, Service and Maintenance Personnel
  • A Comprehensive Inventory of Spare Parts and Accessories to support our Equipment
  • Personalized Phone and E-mail Support, 24 hour Emergency Line
  • A Network of Representatives covering most of the United States Territory and offering Local Sales and Service Support.
  • International Representatives in Canada, Mexico, The Middle East, India and China.

The CEMS Freedom Services Package offers:

(1) Applications Engineering

Cemtrex's expert engineers use decades of industry experience to provide the perfect solution for each customer. Cemtrex engineers understand that each application is unique and take a customized personal approach to designing the right CEMS for the situation. With this in mind, all our systems we provide are extremely durable and engineered to last.

(2) Turnkey CEMS systems Integration

Cemtrex provides turnkey Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems solutions. With every CEMS we engineer, Cemtrex will also offer installation, start-up support, on-site training, and initial calibration. In addition Cemtrex provides complete project management to keep you up to speed throughout the entire start up process. With this kind of support Cemtrex ensures that with the purchase of any CEMS you will be up and running in no time.

(3) System Installation and Startup

Cemtrex believes in giving its customers complete solutions with all our products. This means that Cemtrex will have your system working effectively with full installationa and start up services. istock_000000562063xsmall.jpg

(4) CEMS Training

Cemtrex knowledgeable engineers will provide your staff with comprehensive on-site training to make them experts in the operation and routine maintenance of the system. Whether its a calibration or creating a compliance report, after our extensive training sessions your staff will have no problems keeping you monitor from working effectively on a daily basis.

(5) Preventive Maintainance

Cemtrex can provide any type of maintenanace program that works for our customers be it: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annualy. Of course our nationwide team of service technicians are always available at your convenience should you need an emergency site visit. Our service technicians are trained and certified in accordance with various applicable type of industry safety requirements (OSHA), EPA Reporting, and certification, and in all types of analytical and CEM systems whether its our own Cemtrex model, or even a third party vendor.

(6) Emergency "Rapid Response" Support

With the Freedom Services Program, Cemtrex provides immediate and efficient service and support to help solve whatever dilemma your CEMS may be experiencing. We have 24/7 technical support, a large inventory of spare parts, and most importantly on-hand service techniciancs ready to assist at a moments notice should you require an on-site visit.

(7) Quarterly & RATA Certifications

Every Cemtrex system we engineer is designed to meet your compliance needs. Throughout the design and installation process Cemtrex will ensure that your system will meet EPA compliance regulalations such as 40CFR60, 40CFR75, among others. Cemtrex has been providing compliance reporting for decades and is the recognized leader in the industry. Speak to our representatives today to find our why.